The Twelve Steps of Growth (Part 12) – The Secret Ingredient

Growing Tips from the 101

Part XII-The Secret Ingredient

There is one ingredient that is crucial to all cannabis growth and there is one secret path to the best cannabis you have ever smoked.

Finally part 12 of our “Know How to Grow” series is here.  If you are just now joining our series here is part 12 for your enjoyment with no delays.  If you have enjoyed this series from the start and have been waiting now for months …we are so sorry.  The green rush happened to us as well and we got caught in the waves.

As with every article in the series we will cover 12 tips or topics and in this final installment we will address these topics:

  1. Where Have We Been
  2. You Are Already There
  3. Your Own Limitations
  4. The Power of Creation
  5. Law of the Land
  6. Branches
  7. Don’t Follow Trends
  8. Love Takes Time
  9. Can’t Please Them All
  10. Bigger is Better
  11. Intelligent Design
  12. Share

Where Have We Been – I would like to start this article with many thanks and a sincere apology.  We are the worst blogger/You Tubers ever and very ungrateful according to our two teenagers.  They used to make fun of us, saying things like “oh, they’re filming” sarcastically or they would tease us about shooting videos.  Now they tell us that we should appreciate the views and comments we have accrued and keep it going.  They tell us we are unappreciative of our audience and many struggling You Tubers would love to have those numbers.  Jeez, talk about a guilt trip…..teenagers!

However, in this case, we deserve the guilt trip as we have been away too long.  For that, I would like to apologize on behalf of myself and our crew. Without offering excuses I will just say this.  There are two reasons for our absence.  First of all, we will never put up weekly weed porn just to say we made a video.  We try to give useful info and that takes time.  Second of all…we too have been swept up in the green rush…and the waves have been pretty big.

We appreciate the views, reads, shares, and comments. Thank you.  We are sorry.  We will try to find that happy medium between posting weekly and thinking we have abandoned our site.  We’re still here …and we are glad you are too…let’s move on.

You Are Already There—The truth is that you really do not need a part 12 to this series.  If you made it through part 11 you already know how to plan, build, purchase, clone, veg, flower, harvest, trim, cure, process, store and sell.  Part 12 is simply a secret ingredient, you already have a basic skill set.

Some of you have sent us pictures and videos of rock star weed.  Some of you have sent pictures and video of plants with serious issues.  Whether your plants are struggling and you need help or your plants are rock stars and you’ve got it all figured out we think each of you and each of your ladies are amazing.  We applaud your effort.  Effort always has a positive outcome.  It results in success or strength, a reward or a lesson.  Always keep trying and always keep growing.

Your Own Limitations – Space, climate, budget and your own physical limitations dictate your grow potential.  If you have back or strength problems my grow methods may not be for you as soilless growing takes a lot of physical work.  Hydroponics or growing in liquid might suit you better.  A couple lights will up your electricity by themselves.  Throw in the cost of acclimatizing the room along with nutrients and other needs you may be better off finding a grower/retailer and buying your weed.  Just like a pet, a plant needs love and care.  If that plant will be a burden to you then you will be a burden to the plant.

The Power of Creation – It feels good to create a space where plants thrive and to even create other plants from plants.  It feels even better to harvest medicine and then create more avenues to healing with that medicine.  But keep in mind that creation is very personal and so is growing.  You will never re-create as well as someone’s original creation.  Almost every grow regimen is a collection of tips, diets, and methods from a few or many other regimens.  But each of those regimens is almost sacred to those who collected those tips, diets, and methods…..mine is no different….yours shouldn’t be either.  It’s yours.  If you are happy with it, that’s all that matters. Create your own path….it is almost impossible to re-create someone else’s with the exact same result.

The Law of the Land – Know your local, county, state and federal laws that pertain to grow sites in your area.  I cannot repeat this enough.  Obey the laws that allow you to grow…change the laws that prevent you from growing.  Speak up, come out and stand tall.

Branches – Remember not to measure your plant’s strength by the inches or feet that it has grown.  Measure your plant’s strength and health by the amount and condition of branches and roots.  Measurements of inches and feet vary with container size and environment.  The health of the root and number of branches communicates health and strength no matter the size of the plant.

Don’t Follow Trends – Cannabis affects people differently from person to person, strain to strain and concentrates to extract.   My indoor Jack Herer will taste and feel different than an outdoor farm’s mass-produced Jack Herer.  Find what you like and combine that with what your grow site is capable of and purchase accordingly.  Find what you grow well.  Trying to recreate someone else’s exact result will eventually become frustrating and beating your head against the wall in disappointment will become a habit.  Just do you…..the best that you can.

Love Takes Time – Your ladies need love.  So whether you are in charge of a large farm in Southern Oregon or trying to bud a couple plants in a state unfriendly to cannabis don’t think more is better.  Love to one lady will reward you more than love spread between too many ladies.  This applies to both women and weed…it applies to men as well.  Love takes time.  That’s why boutique farm cannabis and medical cannabis have not suffered the massive market price tank that recreational weed did.  Just like a nurtured marriage is a more quality relationship than the relationships between a habitual cheater and their many conquests….the relationship between a grower and a plant count they can handle is far superior to the relationship between a grower and an overpopulated site.  Love takes time…give your ladies your time.

Can’t Please Them All – Two years ago I entered a cannabis cup event.  One of the strains I entered was AC/DC.  It tested 16.9% CBD and only 5.4 THC which I thought were good numbers and everyone loved the stuff.  From people’s choice judges to my own patients it was applauded.  However, the contest judges crucified me for the high THC content.  One of them gave me a face to face thrashing that I have not let go 2 years later now….jeeez.  I harvested a little sooner my next crop and brought it within the strain’s THC to CBD ratio….and everyone who smoked it kind of bitched….they liked the contest weed better.  Grow for you and those who smoke or depend on your harvest.  Stats and cups don’t matter when it comes to relieving pain or taking the edge off of a bad day.  Grow for you and fight for your right to do so.

Bigger is Better – This one is simple.  Maximize the plants you have before adding more.  One big healthy plant will yield far more than 3 plants sharing that same amount of light.  6 plants directly under the lights down the center of a room will produce far more than wall to wall plants will in that same room.

Intelligent Design – Quality is better than quantity, especially if you intend to compete in today’s cannabis recreational market.  One pound of quality cannabis will bring fifteen hundred to two thousand a pound.  Mass produced swag grown by a yuppie who thought their “sales skills” would make them the next marijuana millionaire is bringing about three hundred a pound…..and there is a million pounds of the shit in the Oregon market alone.  You cannot maximize a grow room like you would a car lot or corporate office…but far too many people are trying and the quality of weed on the shelves shows the lack of love.  Whether you believe in intelligent design of the universe or not you cannot refute the fact that your plants’ universe is created by intelligent design and you are the designer.  Don’t overpopulate their world.  You can avoid overpopulation by adding a sun (a light).  But remember that every sun (light) you ad changes the climate like an additional sun would change our world.  You are the intelligent designer so be intelligent with your design.  And design with love for those subjected to your creation.

Share –  Above all….share your stories.  Share your passion,. Share your success stories and share your failures.  Share the stories of those you heal and share the stories of those who got baked out of their mind.  Share your recipes and share your crafts.  Share your stories of stigma and share your stories of sharing.  Come out of those ridiculous fucking closets ….and share.

Well, there ya’ have it.  All twelve parts of the twelfth part in the series.  It’s been a real pleasure. Welcome To The Gree…..

Oops, I almost forgot.  You’ve read all this way and I almost signed off without telling you the secret ingredient…….It’s you!

The secret ingredient is you.

The secret collection of tips is the one you are making.

The secret path to perfect pot is the one you are walking

And the best weed you’ll ever smoke is the weed you grew yourself.

Welcome to the Green Rush!

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  1. Thanks for your hard work in bringing this series out, it was a joy to watch and I have learnt a lot from the series.

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