The Last American Hero vs The Next American Hero

The Last American Hero vs The Next American Hero – (Travis vs Bob)

Bob can drive pretty fast, he’s partial to old Chevy’s and Oldsmobile.  Bob can travel over 100 mph and did this often on public roads endangering lives and damaging property when he blew a turn.  Bob never wears a helmet and often drives his hardest at night when it’s more dangerous.

Travis can ride pretty fast, he’s partial to open class café racers and liter bikes particularly the Kawasaki H2 Ninja.  Travis can reach speeds of 200+mph but only does so on closed course track days.  He is very careful on public roads even though most accidents will only cause damage to him or his property.  Travis not only wears a helmet but gloves, leathers and boots as well.  He rarely rides at night.

Bob didn’t have his father around much, his Dad spent 1/3 of his life behind bars and both his Mother and brother practiced the very same criminal trade that landed Pop in jail.   Bob also is in the family crime gang, all the cops know him but just can’t catch him.  Bob outdrives the cops, taunts them to chase him and his reputation as a hoodlum from a criminal family that’s hard to catch has spread far and wide.

Travis grew up in a wealthy yuppie family.  They were very rich and he was a bit spoiled but neither the parents nor the children had ever been arrested.  No law enforcement ever had them on their radar or any reason to look twice at any of them.

Bob hauled illegal drugs.  He went to great lengths to hide them in the car.  He and his family made these drugs in the woods.  The drugs have no medicinal values. In fact, they severely impair the human thought process and are at the root of many problems and accidents….which is why the drugs were outlawed.

Travis hauls illegal drugs.  He doesn’t hide them or modify his vehicle to fool the cops, they’re in his backpack or tank bag.  The drugs have medicinal benefits and are like air to those going through chemo.  In fact, they have already been legalized in the state I reside in…I’m using the drugs as I write this article to treat my gout and they don’t impair me at all.  They cause society no problems and offer users great benefit…that’s why they’re being legalized.  However, in the south where Travis and Bob live it is a felony for Travis to deliver the medicine to a patient while Bob’s drugs can be bought at most stores even though responsible for 1 out of 10 health deaths and over one third auto related deaths nationwide.

Bob once put a police siren and lights in his grill and went speeding at a road block meant for him.  Bob was impersonating an officer but it worked, the other cops moved a couple cars to open a hole and Bob went flying through.

Travis has never had any contact with the law.

Bob perfected a high speed u-turn that endangered him and the person chasing him.  It helped him escape police who chased him, the maneuver often wrecked the cop or forced them into a high speed game of “chicken” with Bob.  The move became so famous that many kids died trying to recreate it on public roads.

Travis has never been pulled over.

Bob got into racing.  After all that reckless endangerment out on the road he chose circle track racing and just turns left.  His cars are underpowered and he’s infamous for making other drivers pull him around the track.  He not only uses his illegal drugs on the highway but at the race track as well.  His drugs are even sold there.

Travis got into racing.  After all those track days he feels ready for amateur MotoGP style road racing.  Tracks go right, left, up, down and riders tickle 200mph every lap.  He leaves his meds at home as a racetrack is not the place for any kind of drug.

Bob got pretty good at racing but even after he started winning and attracting sponsors he just couldn’t stay away from the family’s drug business.

Travis got pretty good at road racing and arranged for someone else to supply his patients the day he got his first sponsor.

Bob’s Dad got out of jail, went right back to making illegal drugs and asked Bob to watch the still.

Travis’ Dad got off work early and drove 3 hours to watch Travis race motorcycles all weekend.

Bob was watching the family drug manufacturing facility when the law showed up.  He resisted arrest and hit one of the officers.  He hit him hard causing minor injury.  Because of his racing and winning track record he only served months of his sentence.

Travis was taking off his helmet when the law showed up.  Two off duty cops were at the track and their boys wanted Travis’ autograph.  Because of his racing and winning track record he was invited to the Fire department’s pancake feed.  He served pancakes to kids all morning, they thought it was so cool.

Bob received a presidential pardon in 1986 for his crimes.

Travis never would have hit someone in the first place.

Bob now has 8.5 miles of US Hwy 42 named after him.  He has been inducted to the NASCAR hall of fame and is known as the father of drafting and 2 way communications between crew and driver….2 tactics that disadvantaged other teams so much they let everybody do it.  His story has been made into books, movies and he is referenced in music.  In 2007 he bought Piedmont distillery where he now manufactures his drug (pure grain alcohol, which is now legal ) for global consumption.  The movies, books, media, race teams and even his competitors call him the Last American Hero.  Midnight Moon Moonshine is Bob’s new company.  Pure grain alcohol is Bob’s drug and Bob ….is Robert Glenn Jr. or NASCAR’s Jr. Johnson, the Last American Hero.

Travis has nothing named after him, even his two boys are named Tyler and Kyle.  The only hall of fame he will grace is the karaoke wall of shame at his wife’s favorite pub.  He loves racing pure, he’s not always trying to find something other teams don’t know.  He would rather know the field was equal, he wants to win on talent…not tricks.  No books will be written about him but he had a cancer patient named  Anna that he sold cannabis to.  She would hold his face and tell him his cannabis oil was the only thing that took away the pain, it was the difference between a couple days recovery from chemo as opposed to a couple weeks.  When she died her caregivers said her last year was her best and his medicine was a big part of that….that meant more than a road being named after him.   Travis’ drug is cannabis.  It’s worth 3500/lb on the black market in states where its illegal and laws are tough.  It’s worth 1800-2000/lb in states where it’s legal or laws are forgiving, it costs 4000 just for a dispensary license and he can only sell to certain people.  Travis is a grower or sack slinger in Anytown, USA.

Is Travis the next American hero?  Is the crotch rocket riding millennial of today the JR Johnson of the future?  We can only hope a day will come when weed will flow as freely and abundantly through our society as alcohol does.  For some of us that day approaches faster than for others.  I live in Oregon and when I put some meds in my bag and hit the highway on my CBR I am a legal eagle.  As long as I have my own or my patients’ grow cards and don’t have too much I have no worries.  However, there was a time not so long ago that was not the case.  There was a time that any amount of weed forced a choice,  if lights came on behind me I would have to choose between pulling over and facing jail time or twisting that throttle and unleashing all 1000cc’s of the liter bike I was on.  Everyone I rode with faced similar options.  Most of Travis’ crew ran liter bikes knowing cops rarely chase them.  Many sack slingers and growers still face that choice every day.  It shouldn’t be that way.  Cannabis should be delivered in well-marked vehicles with huge signs and logos telling others where to get it.  It should be legal to deliver it to those who can’t get up….before ya’ know it they might get up and get it themselves.cannabis3

I don’t think there are any sack slingers out there thinking they are in line for the next American Hero title and although any one of our bikes travel faster than ol’ Jr Johnson has ever gone,  I don’t think any of us can hang with Valentino Rossi….so hero status is not necessary.  However, eliminating some of the hypocrisy would be nice.  I mean think about it….this guy gets a hero title basically for going fast on public roads and cheating on the racetrack.  He’s pardoned for assaulting an officer who tried to stop him from selling illegal recreational drugs with no medicinal value and damaging consequences.  He now makes millions selling that drug and marketing it with his name.   Meanwhile, Travis’ bike is faster than ol’ Jr has EVER gone, he obeys laws and is no danger to the public, his drug is not made in a still it is grown in the ground.  There are no dangerous side effects and it is known to relieve symptoms of or cure many diseases.  And most stoners are pacifists that would never hit anyone…especially a cop.

I don’t know who our next American Hero will be but I hope they promote an enlightening drug as opposed to a mind numbing drug.  I hope he or she discovers renewable energy or pioneers true peace, at least I hope they bring more to the table than racing speed secrets and “really good shine”.  I hope he or she respects the laws of country and do not hold them self above it so high that they would assault an officer of that law.  It’s not the hero’s fault, a good ol boy like Jr Johnson is not to blame.  A hero is simply a reflection of value…. And our values need to change.  I hope America’s Next Hero is far more honorable than America’s Last Hero.


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