The Twelve Steps of Growth (part 11) Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts

Growing Tips From the 101 Part XI – Cannabis Concentrates, Extracts and THC Treats Ganja Goodies   While all those frosty buds are hanging to dry and curing, a thrifty cannabis grower will get right to work turning their trim into ganja goodies and THC treats.  Every time I write…

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Drinking Everclear – Cannabis Oil and Rick Simpson Oil Dosage

RSO Dosage The only downside to Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or many other cannabis and CBD oils is the human ego. Too many times people think that because they have a tolerance for alcohol, pills or even weed that the same tolerance applies to cannabis oils. Too many times people…

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The Twelve Steps of Growth (Part 10) Curing and Distributing Cannabis

Grow Series Part 10

Growing Tips from the 101 Part X – Curing, Storing and Distributing Marijuana Make It All Go Away Let me first start by saying…..The sale and distribution of cannabis without a license to do so from a state that has legalized marijuana is against the law.  The following information and related…

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The Twelve Steps of Growth (Part 9)- Harvesting & Trimming Cannabis Crops

Cannabis Harvest

Growing Tips from the 101 Part IX – Harvesting, Drying and Trimming Marijuana Plants The End of an Era Over half of the new growers that seek the services of canna-consulting agencies and grow doctors are often on their second, third or even fifth attempt at harvesting marijuana.  At the…

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The Twelve Steps of Growth (Part 8)- Finishing the Cannabis Flower Cycle

Growing Tips from the 101 Part VIII—Grow Room Maintenance and Finishing The Golden Years Throughout this series of how-to articles the cannabis plants have been compared to needy pets, screaming babies, toddlers in their terrible twos and teenagers coming of age.  This article will be no different in that it will…

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The Twelve Steps of Growth (Part 7) Cannabis Plant Problems

Growing Tips from the 101 Part VII – Diagnosing Sick Marijuana Plants Listen to Your Leaves The leaf of the marijuana plant is the biggest tattle tale on the planet.  This is great news for you because anything that the plant, roots, nutrients or environment is doing wrong the leaves…

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The Twelve Steps To Growth (Part 6) – Cannabis Flowering Weeks 1-4

Cannabis Growth Cycle - How to Grow Cannabis Grow Series

Cannabis Coming of Age – First Weeks of Flowering Know Before You Grow Part VI Coming of age by definition is that certain age when the transition from childhood to adulthood takes place.  However, that certain age can be dictated by many different things and changes from culture to culture. …

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How to Make Cannabis Candy

Sticky Sweets and Cannabis Treats How To Make Canna-candy A smooth hitting bong is one of our favorite things and a hit from a farm’s latest harvest out of a brand new pipe is a real treat.  Joints passed among friends have remained in my fondest memories and taking that…

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The Twelve Steps To Growth (Part 5) – Cannabis Seeds, Clones, and Plants

Choosing plants, clones, seeds

Cannabis Seeds, Clones, and Plants Know Before You Grow Part V Bringing Home Your Babies —At this point in your cannabis journey your room is complete and can sustain marijuana plant life.  Turn your room on without any plants in there and make sure everything works.  If your lights or even…

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The Twelve Steps To Growth (Part 4) – Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition

Growing Tips from the 101 Part IV – Diet and Nutrition With both great successes and dismal failures, we have been cultivating cannabis for a long time now.  Most of the lessons we have learned we learned by making mistakes… and 99% of those were mistakes we made with nutrients.…

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The Twelve Steps of Growth (Part 3) – Grow Room Construction

Cannabis Grow Room Construction

Growing Tips from the 101 Part III – Grow Room Construction The Basics of Building Bud Rooms A grow room can be many spaces and things.  We at Coastal Cannabis have built or been part of a team that built grow rooms in closets, storage sheds, barns, shop offices, guest…

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The Twelve Steps of Growth (Part 2) – Selecting Your Grow Site

Large Cannabis Grow Room

Growing Tips From the 101 Part II – Selecting your grow site…12 steps to picking a prime location.  Security Power Water Girth Height Air Ventilation Plant Count Humidity Light Drainage Outdoor Sites For the purposes of this video series, we had a couple candidates for grow rooms.  We ended up…

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The Twelve Steps of Growth (Part 1) – Know Before You Grow

Know Before You Grow - Growing Tips From The 101

Growing Tips from the 101 Part I – Know Before You Grow…12 things to consider before you commit to cannabis. Time— Make no mistake, growing cannabis is a commitment.  It is much like having a pet, sometimes worse because there is no veterinarian to call when your plants get sick and…

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Cannabis Christmas – Cooking Christmas Dinner with Marijuana

Cannabis and Christmas, two of our favorite things. This year dear friends and family (Framily) that work at marijuana dispensaries and/or are growers in the weed legal state of Oregon got together for a Christmas feast and what a fabulous feast it was. Budbutter or Cannabutter was cooked into everything…

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Budbutter, Nugbutter, and Cannabutter Part 2

There is one small trait that plagues many “how to” and instructional videos/articles on the internet.  There is an implication that lies within many of these tutorials that the instructor has acquired some brain power or enlightenment that the reader does not have.  Cannabis tutorials are no different… fact, the…

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