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Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Strain

G.S.C. (Girl Scout Cookies) is an award-winning Sativa heavy hybrid that resulted from crossing OG Kush with Durban Poison.   The low yields of GSC plants are worth the effort for the potency GSC offers.  Severe pain, spasms, depression, insomnia, inflammation and even worry are no match for Girl Scout Cookies.

The strain promotes sleep, eating and relaxation making it a great aid in chemo recovery.




ACDC strain

CBD can reach 22% keeping THC below high CBD strains often have a couple phenotypes and ACDC is one of Cannatonic’s phenotypes.  ACDC is one of the few strains that treats and heals without psychoactivity or intoxication.  CBD’s counteract THC which is why ACDC heals without the high.  With a 20:1 CBD: THC ratio the THC doesn’t stand a chance.

Treats seizures, pain, nausea, chemo recovery, aches, insomnia, glaucoma, gout… one of the most healing strains available.  ACDC is an ambassador of relief.


Snoops Dream

Snoops Dream Strain

Two of Snoop Dogg’s favorite strains are Blue Dream and Master Kush.  These two strains hooked up to produce the indica heavy lovechild named Snoop’s Dream.

It’s a tasty and very trendy strain that is full of flavor.  The strain’s Blue Dream bloodline gives it a fiery appearance coated in amber/orange hairs.

This strain is often toted as a heavy hitter and not for the faint hearted or beginners.  However, it’s THC average tops at 22% and we personally have found it to be an easy to function on, mellow high.


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