How to Make Cannabis Candy

Sticky Sweets and Cannabis Treats

How To Make Canna-candy

A smooth hitting bong is one of our favorite things and a hit from a farm’s latest harvest out of a brand new pipe is a real treat.  Joints passed among friends have remained in my fondest memories and taking that first dab off of a glass rig you’ve been saving up for is like nothing else.  The many methods and memories derived from smoking marijuana are the foundation for the cannabis culture…..but what a house the canna-culture has built on that foundation.

Both topical and medicinal canna-oils have emerged from the canna-culture in droves and have offered irrefutable proof of comfort and healing that neither patients nor healers can deny. Recreational oils and extracts have flooded the markets of weed-legal states in the same fashion and with the same positive results and feedback.  But what if you are not sick and you don’t want to smoke?  Are you left out of the canna-culture and denied the healing and euphoria it provides?  Will the Green Rush pass ya’ by?  …Not at all.

Edibles are not only a method of using cannabis both recreationally and medically but it is also a more effective way of using marijuana.  Whether you are chasing healing or the high… eating marijuana will provide a better high and more effective healing than smoking it will.  Bud brownies have always been the iconic canna-edible but the fact is you can make almost anything edible with marijuana.  Budbutters, infused oils, tinctures, and kief allow users to enjoy cannabis in almost any of their favorite foods.  But one of the sweetest, tastiest ways to eat weed is in a simple piece of candy.

Rock candy and even gummies can be made with cannabis.  The possibilities are endless once a user learns some simple extraction methods and cooking basics.  Simple hard candy is a great place to start and this sweet canna-treat is by far one of the most potent and popular candies in the canna-culture.  This simple recipe can be executed with household ingredients and kitchen tools.  A candy thermometer is needed but they are only a few bucks at the store or you can order one on our online canna-store.

How to make Cannabis CandyYou Will Need: ¾ cup sugar… ½ cup corn syrup (light syrup is fine)…. ¼ butter or bud butter (unsalted)… 1 tablespoon Honey …. 3 oz flavor powder (Gelatin mix- Jello and Jolley Rancher are our favorites)…. 2 grams kief or hash or 1 teaspoon of tincture (or both-we use both)…non-stick oil or spray…. A saucepan, Candy Thermometer, 2 metal spoons, a wire whisk, candy sticks, candy molds or powdered sugar in a pan.

Get your ingredients and kitchen tools together ….Let’s make some canna-candy!

When making canna-candy preparation is everything.  Once the candy reaches a certain temperature you only have until it cools to get it out of the pan and into your molds so preparation comes first.  If you are using candy molds make sure they are sprayed or rubbed with oil and your lollipop sticks are in place if you’re making lollipops.  You can make lollipops without molds by spraying a pan with non-stick spray then placing your lolly-sticks far enough apart to make the size of lollipops you want.  You can also make molds by putting indentations in ½ inch of powdered sugar spread in a pan.  Once your molds are ready it’s time to get cooking.

Place ¾ cup sugar, ¼ cup butter, ½ cup corn syrup and the tablespoon of honey in a saucepan with your candy thermometer clipped to the edge.  You can use bud butter as either an enhancement to kief or tincture or you can use bud butter as your only source of cannabis in the recipe.  Heat on medium heat and keep stirring as the temperature rises.  Break your kief into the gelatin mix in a bowl.  If you are using tinctures add them to the sugar mix once it becomes a consistent liquid.

Your candy thermometer will have temperature marks on it with words like “soft crack” and “hard crack”.  These are the temperatures that you add flavor at and remove from heat to achieve the desired crack of your candy.  If you want softer candy remove it from heat at 260 degrees or the soft crack mark.  If you want hard candy remove it from heat at 300-310 degrees.




Keep stirring until mixture reaches the desired temperature.  Once the desired degrees are reached add the gelatin mix and stir until consistently blended. Once it is consistently mixed in use a metal spoon to scoop out the candy mix and fill your molds.  The candy mix will completely harden within 3-5 minutes so work quickly but it is extremely hot so work carefully as well.

The candies will completely harden and cure within an hour or so….you’ll be able to remove them from their molds in about 15-20 minutes.  Let the heat seep completely out of the candies before wrapping them up or putting them in a container.  A slow, cool cure will help them to stay hard.  We keep ours in the fridge but you can store them at room temperature for quite some time.

Candy molds can be found in craft stores and you will usually find candy wrapping kits there as well…..but plastic wrap and a ribbon works just as good.  You can also put some confectioners/powdered sugar in a bag with your candy and shake it to give your canna-treats a tasty, frosted look.  We even use the little resealable bead bags for smaller pieces.  At Christmas time we make red and green flavors like lime and cherry, we frost them with powdered sugar.

If you are a “crafty” person or feel at home in the kitchen your candy recipe, packaging and presentation will evolve quickly.  If not, the basics are all you need…you can even make one huge piece of candy in a pan and shatter it once it hardens, store it in a plastic grocery bag and voila’….you’re done.

So there ya’ have it…when your canna-friends light up you won’t be without euphoria.  Break out your canna-candy and take your place within your canna-culture.  But bring enough for everyone because your stoner friends will want some as soon as they taste it….it’s that good.  They may even have cannagoodies or recipes to trade with you.

Welcome to the Green Rush!

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