How To Make and Use Cannabis Kief

Kief- How to Make and Use Cannabis Kief

One of the purest and simplest ways to enjoy cannabis is kief.  Kief is the dust you see in the bottom of a trim tray or how to make kiefthe powdery residue left in a stash box over time.  This powder packs quite the punch of potency as kief is the trichomes or resin glands that have broken off the leaf and bud of cannabis.  Marijuana is desired for either healing or a high.  Whether someone is chasing the euphoric high of THC or the healing power of CBD it is all found in the trichomes.  Kief shows up naturally as cannabis buds are trimmed or weed is bounced around in a stash container.  Kief can be manufactured or extracted from the plant as well.  There are two D.I.Y methods we will discuss today.  Perfect buds are not needed to make kief.  Even trim from a harvest or shake left in bags can be used to make incredible kief.

Method 1…Panty Hose and a bowl —- That’s right, pantyhose and a bowl.  The purpose of making kief is to break all those trichomes off the plant.  This can be achieved by first freezing your weed as trichomes break off easier when dry and frozen.  Cut a large section out of a new pair of pantyhose.  Cut the piece out of the thigh or butt part of the hose to get a large piece big enough to stretch over a large salad bowl.  Put ¼- ½ oz of weed or trim into the bowl.  Put a couple new bolts, nuts or sterilized coins in the bowl with the weed and stretch the piece of pantyhose over the top of the bowl.  Stretch the pantyhose tight over the bowl and fasten the piece to the bowl with tape.  Fasten it tight enough that you can turn the bowl upside down and shake it without weed falling out.  Now keep the bowl upside down and shake vigorously…the trichomes (or kief) will fall out of the bowl through the pantyhose onto the clean, dry surface you are working on.  The beige colored powder you just shook out of the bowl is kief.  Scrape it up with a credit card and keep it in a jar.  That’s all there is to it.

how to make kiefMethod 2…Dry Ice Kief  —- Nuts and bolts in a bowl will work in a pinch but you can produce kief way more efficiently for just a few bucks more than the pantyhose cost.  Purchase a ½ pound – 1 pound of dry ice at your local grocery or ice dealer (dry ice is dangerous in that it freezes what it touches instantly so take gloves with you and be careful).  You will also need a micron bag and a bucket to fit that bag.  Micron bags can be purchased on our site or most canna-grow sites and stores.  We recommend a 160-micron bag or buy the full set of 8 and experiment on your own. You will need a bucket to match your bags (1-gallon bags= 1 gallon bucket…5 gallon bags=5 gallon bucket) and you will obviously need some weed.  Place a ½ oz – 2 ozs weed or trim into the bucket along with 3 or 4 good sized chunks of dry ice.  Place the micron bag over the bucket and turn it upside down….then shake vigorously for 2-5 minutes over a large clean surface.  The surface will soon be covered in a lovely light brown, yellow powder.  That is your kief, grab a business or credit card and scoop those healing trichomes up.  Yup….it’s that easy.

Store your kief in a glass jar and bust it out when canna-friends and canna-family come over.  Kief is rarely sold at dispensaries and growers often cook with it or process it into edibles.  So….it’s kind of a trendy little treat.  Here are few ways to enjoy your kief.

Compress it into hash —-With a pollen press or heat and press methods, kief can be turned into hash pellets or pucks.

Cook with kief —- Cooking with kief often increases the potency of your edibles while eliminating the canna-taste that comes with most canna-treats.

Roll it into a joint —- Tolerance to THC grows quickly and will sometimes leave ya’ craving a joint right after youhow to make kief just smoked one.  Roll kief into your joints to give them extra flavor and potency.

Bowl or the Bong —- Just like kief will increase the potency and flavor of your joints it will do the same for your pipe and bong.  Load some bud in first as kief will fall through the hole in the bowl.  Sprinkle the kief over the top of your bowl.  Bowls will taste better and burn more consistently.

Kief has been around forever and is often considered a by-product or added perk to cultivating cannabis.  However, once a user discovers the purity, potency and punch good kief provides they are usually in search of it as soon as they taste it.  Well, the search is over….you can make it right in your own home.

Welcome to the Green Rush!!


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