Funky Cold Medina and Blackbeard’s Bottle

How To Make Our Two Favorite Cannabis Tinctures

Antique Old Cannabis Bottle Tinctures

The word ethanol was conceived and born in the year 1892, the word’s parents were “ethane” and the last syllable of the word alcohol.  Although the word has only been around since 1892 ethanol or ethyl alcohol is the active alcohol or “the fun juice” in drinkable alcoholic distilled spirits.  The word alcohol dates back to 15th and 16th centuries where it was commonly used to describe darkened eye make up for a spooky look….thus the word “spirits” became associated with alcohol.  However, both alcohol and spirits did not evolve to describe drinkable fun juice until the late 1500s and mid-1600s. It was not until the 1850s that it was only used to describe ethyl distilled alcohols.

A tincture is an alcohol extraction of a plant and has been around as long as the word alcohol has been evolving.  Cannabis tinctures were used for effective treatment of pain, muscle spasms, colds, and gout. Morning sickness, nausea and labor pains during delivery were all issues American physicians prescribed canna-tinctures for…right out of the U.S. Pharmacopeia.  Parkinson’s sufferers can induce sleep and hunger along with managing tremors with tinctures and chemo recovery is quicker with less discomfort to the patient.  The medical benefits are endless and for the recreational user…..they’re incredibly fun.  While the canna-medical field improves dosing, delivery and potency home distillers and booze connoisseurs can explore flavor & alcohol blends.  Tinctures are a “Win-Win” for both marijuana and alcohol users. Tinctures are easy, fun and a little “cure all” in a bottle….so let’s learn to make two of our favorites.

1) Funky Cold Medina with Everclear and ACDC high CBD cannabis

2) Blackbeard’s Bottle w/Monarch 151 rum &  Chem Valley Kush hybrid cannabis

How To Make Cannabis Tincture

For both recipes, you will need the following items:  Alcohol, cannabis, a freezer, sealable jars, strainer, cheesecloth, a funnel, coffee filters, a glass bowl, measuring cup with pour spout and tincture (eyedropper) bottles.

-“Funky Cold Medina” is made with 190 proof pure grain alcohol.  Popular brands are Everclear, Clear Springs, and Midnight Moonshine.  For this recipe, you will need 1 pint of pure grain alcohol and 2 ounces of cannabis.  Trim, bud or under buds are OK but don’t use over ground weed, kief or shake.  Place the weed in a sealable jar (like the kinds used in pressure cookers) and pour in enough pure grain alcohol to completely cover the cannabis.  Give the jar a good shake and place in the freezer where it will remain for 18-21 days….shake it a couple times a day.

-“Blackbeard’s Bottle” is made with one pint 151 proof rum and 1 ½ ounces of cannabis.  Place the cannabis in a sealable jar then pour in the rum until all the cannabis is soaked and saturated.  Give the jar a shake and place it in the freezer where it will remain for 18-21 days.  Give it a shake a couple times a day.

You may use other alcohols to make tinctures but the alcohol must be a distilled spirit with an alcohol content of 40% or higher and must be 80 proof or higher.  Vodkas are also popular for making tinctures using this same method.  Vodkas that are 80 – 100 proof alcohol make excellent candidates.

You may also be considerate of your own preferences when it comes to the cannabis you use.  If you prefer a strong sativa…use one.  If you like a “put me on the couch” indica…use one.  The quality of your cannabis can obviously affect the quality of your tincture but the flavor of a tincture is influenced by the alcohol more than the cannabis so feel free to experiment with both.  These recipes give you a starting point but the sky is the limit, feel free to create away.  There is no wrong way to execute this recipe unless your alcohol is under 40%.

Whether you use our recipe for “Funky Cold Medina”, “Blackbeard’s Bottle” or develop a concoction of your own here is what to do when you take the jar out of the freezer.

Place 3 or 4 pieces of cheesecloth over the strainer and pour the concoction through the strainer into a bowl, then pour the bowl into a pitcher.  Place 2 coffee filters in the funnel and pour the concoction through that into a jar or bowl, this will take 20-30 minutes.  Once done, place 2 clean coffee filters in the funnel and repeat.  This time it will strain through much faster and the tincture can be strained into the smaller pitcher with the spout.  Your tincture is done and ready to use.  Pour the tincture into your tincture bottles and store in the fridge….only in glass containers.

If you don’t have dropper/tincture bottles simply store the tincture in smaller canning jars in the fridge.  Instead of the dropper use a ¼ teaspoon measuring spoon. A ¼ tsp equals one full dropper, place the tincture under your tongue and let it dilute into your saliva/glands then swallow.  Effects are strong and immediate so be careful and dose properly building tolerance as you go.  Peace and healing from our crew to yours….Enjoy.

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