Drinking Everclear – Cannabis Oil and Rick Simpson Oil Dosage

RSO Dosage

The only downside to Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) or many other cannabis and CBD oils is the human ego. Too many times people think that because they have a tolerance for alcohol, pills or even weed that the same tolerance applies to cannabis oils. Too many times people think that if they end every day on a bar stool or begin every day with a bong that new, trendy cannabis products like Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) should have little or no effect on them. This unintentional but repeated over-dosing of cannabis oils creates unnecessary stigma. Recreational users turn their nose up at substances they took too much of then they spread negative stigma about the oil. Medical patients hear the horror stories and refrain from dosing enough… then they think it does not work.

For detailed recipe Check out our article on RSO —–> CLICK HERE

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