Clean Your Bubble Bags And Make RSO With The Leftovers

You will need: Bubble Bag Cleaning

-Dirty Bubble Bags-
2 Five Gallon Buckets-
1 Gallon 91% + Isopropyl Alcohol-
3 or 4 Gallons of Water-
A place to dry your bags – opened up – overnight.

Pour all the alcohol into 1 bucket and the water into the other. Place each bag 1 at a time into the alcohol and let soak for 5-7 minutes. Agitate lightly then turn the bag inside out and repeat. Rinse each bag in the bucket of water and place in drying area opened up and aired out overnight.

Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and use a fan to blow fumes away from you.  Pour the alcohol from the wash bucked into pitchers (there will be 2-3 qts.) use the pitchers to pour into a rice cooker then cook it down just like you’re making Rick Simpson Oil… because you are. Isopropyl alcohol is another solution used to make RSO.  And it’s great for cleaning bags too!

We don’t ingest the RSO extracted with isopropyl alcohol. We like to use it for lotions, creams, or to just rub onto our skin. We will ingest RSO extracted by ethanol alcohol or pure grain alcohol. We just feel if there is going to be any trace of it left over we would rather ingest pure grain alcohol which your body can ingest easily than isopropyl which has a different effect on your system.

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