Cannabis Christmas – Give the Gift of an Open Closet Door

The pot smokers in your life are most easily spotted during the holidays.  Even though they are still in the closet of taboo they are in plain sight.  They go on impromptu walks, even in the rain.  They are the first to offer to run errands or go to the store.  They always get a hotel and the strange uncle that everyone follows outside…he’s got the good weed.

This Christmas and every holiday, birthday or occasion you can think of give the gift of compassion and let that pot smoker in your life out of the closet.  Let them know you know and more importantly, let them know that it’s not going to destroy your relationship with them.  Whether it’s your hippie aunt, a parent or even a grandparent smoking medical marijuana or the younger millennials doing dabs and hash for fun there is more than one in your family that spend holidays and reunions in the cannabis closet.  Let them out, let them know you know.

It doesn’t matter if you are a proponent or opponent of the cannabis culture it is coming to your home and it will be here soon.  “The Green Rush” is sweeping the nation.  Every year more states become weed legal, two have decriminalized cannabis completely.  It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle our next president comes from, they will be the one to federally decriminalize cannabis….if Obama doesn’t do it before he leaves.

So why let something that will be as common as alcohol or aspirin within a few years stress your relationships now?  Use holiday gift giving to take the wedge out of your relationships, let your loved ones out of the cannabis closet.  Let them know you know.  If you share a bowl or a joint with them you will often find they are way better people than they have been pretending to be.  Here are some ways to use holidays to open closet doors.

Bongs are always a great gift.  Whatever your gift budget is there is a bong that will fit your price range.  Novelty bongs are always a big hit (no pun intended) especially if they are emblazoned with the logo of the recipient’s favorite team, character, brand.  Bongs can be purchased in states where weed is illegal.  You will find them at tobacco shops or smoke shops.  However, when in these stores refer to bongs as “water pipes”.  In weed-legal states store clerks will be intolerant of words like bong or marijuana….you are purchasing a water pipe to smoke tobacco in.

Grinders, humidors, and stash boxes can also be found at these same places.  The cigar boxes and smoker accessories you find in a stag or smoke shop make great gifts for a pot smoker.  Pipes are also a great gift and can be found in these same stores within states where weed is illegal.

Big Marijuana BudsShopping malls across the nation all have a glass blower during the holiday season.  These people always have nice pipes and sometimes bongs.  If you have a specific idea for a pipe they can often make it while you shop.  However, the pipes blown at a mall kiosk will not be near the strength or durability of traditionally blown glass.  In fact, they will be kind of fragile which is fine if the point of your gift is simply to let the recipient out of the cannabis closet.

In weed-legal states, your gift giving options increase but chances are the user in your life has now acquired specific tastes which narrow options as to what they will use.  A bong with a top venting hash bowl would be a gift I would cherish while a trendy dabber would not know what to do with it.  A dabber would flip for a nice digital rig but that rig would sit on a shelf at my pad…I don’t even have a torch.  Some heavy smokers simply can’t hit a bong while some cough off a pipe.  They want Sativa for the day, Indica for the night, and if it’s under 20% THC they might not smoke it.  Yes, chances are they are weed snobs by any standards.  In weed-legal states cannabis is like wine, it’s easy to make a bad choice because everyone is a connoisseur with exquisite taste. Unless you know the recipient’s tastes or you are knowledgeable about cannabis it is best to keep your gift simple.  Just let them know you know.

It is always nice to find a new way to use herb that we like. A new way to medicate that produces a new taste or a noticeable high is refreshing as the first smoke after a tolerance break.  The smoke shops and dispensaries in weed-legal states offer many avenues for gift ideas.  Anyone over 21 can walk into a dispensary in Oregon or Colorado and purchase marijuana along with a pipe to smoke it in.  This simple gift is enough to let any cannabis user know that you know.

Let your gift start a conversation about cannabis, hopefully, one that spreads throughout the room.  If you use cannabis as well it is a good idea to “load the bowl” of your gift with a nug or two.  If you medicate with something like shatter, hash or edibles give a sample or collection of your favorites.

If you are one of the many that have a sick loved one stuck in a state or a state of mind not yet educated enough to change you can be an ambassador of that change.  Reach out to them and they just might reach back.  Give the gift of cannabis and you just might give the gift of healing.

I’m sure your crafting and gifting skills are far superior to mine (yes, even you) but it’s not so much about the gift….it’s about getting those closet doors open and letting them know you know.

Happy Holi-daze!!

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