Budbutter, Nugbutter, and Cannabutter Part 2

There is one small trait that plagues many “how to” and instructional videos/articles on the internet.  There is an implication that lies within many of these tutorials that the instructor has acquired some brain power or enlightenment that the reader does not have.  Cannabis tutorials are no different…..in fact, the cannabis community seems to think this trait is an asset…it’s not.  Not only is it condescending to present information like you are on a higher plain but it is hypocrisy at its finest to not actually teach in a tutorial.  We at Coastal Cannabis do not want to show you that we can make bud butter.  We want to show you how to make it.  We want you to know that these processes are not difficult….and you can do it!

When we made our first bud butters and articles a couple years ago we were growing a lot of weed and harvesting every 4 weeks.  We were harvesting pounds every month and needed a quick way to turn all the trim into something consumable.  Bud butter became a staple because we could make it quick with little effort/expense, patients loved it and so did we.  We honed our recipe, wrote a couple blurbs and took some pictures, then went on our merry way growing weed and working in Oregon’s legal weed industry.  However, along the way we have learned much more about making cannabutter….and we want to share what we learned with you so that your kitchen can smell amazing too.

It still does not matter if you call it weedbutter, budbutter, nugbutter, cannaspread or marymargarine.   It still does not matter if your kitchen is a first class certified cannabis kitchen or a room with a heat source and a fridge.  And it does not matter which of the many recipes to make bud butter you use.

What matters is that you have weed butter in the fridge…..always, so let’s get started.

The three recipes we will share today are: –Crockpot Budbutter—Double Boiler Cannabutter—and Saucepan Nugbutter (The Coastal Cannabis Quickie)

CROCKPOT  BUDBUTTER—You will need 1-2 ounces of cannabis (buds, shake or trim is fine), 1 pound of butter (always use unsalted) , 2 cups of water, a spoon, cheesecloth, a bowl, a stove and a refrigerator.  With the crockpot on high melt your butter into liquid, turn the crockpot to low as soon as the butter is liquefied, do not scorch.  Ad in the water and weed then stir until it is all combined and consistent.  Cover and leave on low for 8-12 hours stirring occasionally.  Turn off crockpot and remove basin,  Lay cheesecloth over the bowl and secure with a rubber band or tape.  Strain contents of crockpot through cheesecloth into the bowl.  Put the bowl in the fridge overnight, the butter (now green in color) will harden on top of the water.  Loosen the edges of your butter disc from the bowl and lift the disc out of the bowl.  Use and store like butter.

DOUBLE BOILER CANNABUTTER—You will need a cup of water, 1 ounce of weed (bud, trim or shake is fine), 1 pound of butter (always use unsalted), a bowl, cheesecloth, a stir spoon, a stove and a refrigerator.  A double boiler is simply a glass bowl that fits inside a saucepan.  Place enough water in the saucepan that it touches the bottom of the bowl.  Bring the water to a boil and place the butter in the boiler bowl.  Once the butter is completely melted reduce heat to simmer and ad in the water and the weed.  Stir until mixed and consistent.  Simmer for 4-8 hour stirring occasionally.  Place cheesecloth over bowl and strain contents through the cheesecloth into the bowl.  Place the bowl in the fridge overnight.  The green butter will harden on top of the water.  Pry sides away from the bowl (use a butter knife…it’s easy) and remove your butter disc from the bowl.  Use and store like regular butter.

SAUCEPAN NUGBUTTER (The Coastal Cannabis Quickie)—You will need 3-4 cups water, 1 pound butter (always use unsalted), 1 ounce weed, a saucepan, cheesecloth, a spoon, a bowl, a stove and a refrigerator.  Bring the few cups of water to a boil like you were preparing to boil noodles.  Ad in the butter and keep boiling until the butter is completely melted then reduce to a simmer.  Ad in the weed and stir until it is all mixed and consistent.  Simmer and stir occasionally for 3 hours.  Pour contents through cheesecloth into a bowl and place in the refrigerator overnight or for at least five hours.  The butter will harden on top of the water when it cools.  Pry the now green butter disc from the bowl, use it and store it like regular butter.

To make your butter more potent ad in more cannabis, cook the butter a little longer or both.  Just the opposite steps will lower the potency of your butter.  Less weed and shorter simmer times will make your bud butter less potent.  It’s all about preference and it’s all up to you because the best bud butter you will ever taste is the bud butter you made yourself…..Have fun 🙂

How To Make Bud Butter

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