Coastal Cannabis Couriers is a family owned cannabis consulting firm built on decades of cannabis knowledge.  Coastal Cannabis is operated by a husband and wife team of cannabis consultants with crop to counter knowledge and experience in both the medical and recreational sides of cannabis.  We have immersed ourselves in the cannabis culture since the early 1990’s.  We have worked and managed large outdoor and indoor warehouse-sized marijuana grow sites. We have ushered in both medical and recreational legal access laws in the coastal state of Oregon and worked both the crops and the counters at some of America’s first marijuana dispensaries.  Whether you are seeking plant knowledge, crop management, dispensary/processing compliance or marijuana marketing we are your one stop pot shop.  Coastal Cannabis Couriers is a cannabis consortium with all the necessities of canna-success under one roof.

GlennCoastal Cannabis Couriers Glenn Glenn grew up in the rural Midwest and began gardening (pumpkins) at a very young age and was accomplished in FFA during his school years.  A college degree in journalism from the University of Nebraska gave him excellent communication skills and somewhere along the way Glenn learned to grow cannabis and make medicine out of it.  It’s easy to find writing skills or knowledge in a content writer but difficult to find both.  Glenn has worked in the medical cannabis trade since medical access was allowed…and he may have dabbled a bit before that. 😉  He can not only write but communicate that knowledge well which allows you to maximize your crop or gives your web and advertising content that personal passion that only comes from genuine experience.


Coastal Cannabis PublishingLISA — Lisa also cultivated cannabis as soon as it was legal to do so…and maybe saw a plant or two before that as well.  😉 Lisa began taking web design classes in the 1990’s and still updates her education today.  She has now added to that education 18 years of website design, hosting, and management.  SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing management skills put your canna-marketing needs in confident and experienced hands.  Lisa worked as a budtender in the first dispensary to open in her area on the Oregon Coast.  When Oregon legalized recreational weed she was instrumental in opening the recreational side of the dispensary and was the sole recreational budtender the first 2 months they were open.  She went on to manage another dispensary and as a vending manager in 2016, she made the largest legal marijuana purchases on the Oregon coast.  Lisa knows both what a canna-business needs to do to be compliant and she also knows marketing methods to make it thrive.

Plant and Crop services

  • Grow Room Consulting
  •  Grow Room Construction
  • Trimming/Harvest Labor
  • Crop Management and Sharecropping
  • Groom Room Medic
  • Crop Planning, Budgeting, and Reporting

Marketing and Compliance Services

  • Website Design, Domain Names, and Hosting
  • Advertising Design and Layout
  • Logo and Label Design
  • SEO and Canna-Marketing
  • Law Compliance and Reporting
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Content Writing
  • Blog Posts/Social Media Management

We believe the legalization of marijuana is a worldwide historic era that will be remembered much like “The Gold Rush” of the 1850’s.  Unfortunately, we believe marijuana will be monopolized much like the gold of the gold rush and “legal weed” means buying weed will be much like buying alcohol or cigarettes.  So this is our quest against mediocre weed and our hope that everyone can prosper from “The Green Rush” instead of a just a chosen few.  Whether your plants are sick or you need a web site and content.  Whether your operation is indoor, outdoor or still a dream in your mind….we can help.  We want your plants to flourish, your canna-business to thrive and we want that cannabis dream in your mind to be realized.

Welcome to the Green Rush! :mrgreen:


“Love, patience and quality time makes a great relationship… we have a great relationship with every plant.” ~ Coastal Cannabis Couriers

“The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.” ~ Carl Sagan

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